“The Mighty” month of September

At the time I didn’t feel mighty. I felt tired, overwhelmed and stressed. So when a fellow blogger suggested I submit one of my articles to The Mighty for publication I laughed. I had never heard of The Mighty before, but I was sure I did not fit the description. Besides, I write about dystonia. I could not imagine a publisher would want articles about a disorder they had probably never heard about. But she insisted and I figured the worst that could happen is a rejection letter. It was a fateful decision and one that would change so much for me.

I didn’t know that The Mighty was a media company whose main goal is to highlight the beauty and triumph in disease and disability. Not only did they publish my article about dystonia, but over the course of the next year they published seven different articles I wrote. I still find it hard to believe that a media company stepped up and helped to spread awareness and understanding for an unknown disorder that no one seemingly cares about. I will forever be thankful to them.

Now that it’s Dystonia Awareness month and the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation’s September awareness campaign is kicking into high gear, The Mighty is once again showing support for the dystonia community and its foundation. They are publishing dystonia articles from a variety of authors every day throughout the month of September! These wonderful articles highlight the many voices and perspectives of dystonia while demonstrating the strength and perseverance of the people it affects.

To Mike Porath and the entire editorial team at The Mighty, thank you. Words cannot express how important what you are doing is or how honoured I am to be a contributor to an organization that is so willing to give a very loud voice to those of us who have been living in a world where few have been listening. You are providing a platform that will help break the silence that has plagued nearly half a million Americans and their families. Families like mine. This is personal. Thank you for not forgetting that! As cheesy as it may sound, you really are making a difference. Not just for the dystonia community, but for countless communities. Every article you publish spreads awareness, perspective and compassion. You are uniting people together and strengthening communities. This is perhaps my favourite thing about this particular awareness project. It has connected me to the dystonia community in a new way. It has united dozens of writers and advocates that would not otherwise have met. For this I am grateful. Thank you.

I really hope everyone enjoys reading all the wonderful stories that will appear on The Mighty site this month. I will post a page with links to them all so it will be easy to find. I will keep adding links throughout the month, so don’t forget to check back for the newest publications. While you are there reading the great dystonia articles please check out the rest of The Mighty site. I promise you will find something extraordinary there. Wether you’ve been touched by cancer, autism, mental illness, dystonia or anything in between, you will find support and community. You will find triumph and resolve. You will find joy and inspiration. You will find the mighty.

Here is the link with an up to date list of all the articles so far.

The Mighty’s Dystonia Awareness articles! September 2015 http://wp.me/P4ZlgH-2G via @RaisingDystonia


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